How It Works...

Ready to turn your Wi-Fi into Money?

For Businesses

Have you ever thought “there has to be a better way to provide free wifi for my guests?... us too - so we built it.


GuestNet's Sponsored Wi-Fi service is: 

  • Simple

If Jesse (Guestnet CEO) can setup the router with a blindfold, so can you! (Seriously he’s done it)

  • Reliable

We dare you to try and break it.

  • Fast

If GuestNet’s connectivity was an animal, it’d be a Gazelle. We can’t say we’re the fastest in the world (the Peregrine Falcon), but we’re surely faster than most.

  • Hands Off

Literally. It is our goal for you to never have to touch the router once it’s installed.

“GuestNet, Inc. has finally provided a Wi-Fi service that is no cost, non invasive and actually pays YOU for offering internet access. Most importantly, the customer gets what they want.”
— Jonathan Adams Founder, Rival Bros Coffee Bar

Our service is perfect for businesses that have a captive audience. Our clientele ranges from coffee shops to gyms to doctor’s offices. If you are looking for a better Wi-Fi solution, please inquire below!

For Advertisers

High quality premium impressions served in the perfect environment.

  • Accurate

You pick the location, we deliver. No ambiguity. No wasted impressions. 

  • Viewable 

100% of our ads are, dare I say...viewable!

  • Guaranteed 

If we don't deliver, you don't pay.  

  • 100% Engagement 

Audience must engage with advert before connecting to the Wi-Fi network. 

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Meet the Team

Monetize Public Wifi Alan Jacobson



Alan is obsessed with algorithms. When asked about his opinion of the former Vice President, Alan insisted that Al Gore has great rhythm.

Monetize Public Wifi Jesse Bookspan

Jesse Bookspan


Jesse has but one passion in this world: disrupting. When asked about his classroom behavior, his teachers agreed he was a very disruptive student.

Thank you for your interest in GuestNet!